About us

The Company " SIME S.r.l. ", sited in Rivalta di Torino (To) - frazione Pasta - Via M. D'Antona n. 67/69, was born in 1987 as an Individual Company and in the 1995 is become a Limited Liability Company.

Our objectives

Over the years, we have completed our objectives in:

  • The introduction of a management Quality system that offers high quality products and services.
  • Propriety and continued partners' training, in accordance with the laws, the right competence and professionalism.
  • The application of an organizational system conformed with italian law 231/2001 called “Modello di organizzazione gestione e controllo” that allow an effective adminstration and safeguard of workers

See Code of conduct

Our Resources

The company have the use of the following resources:

  • An inboard technical laboratory to design the plants with the aid of an automatic elaboration system supporting AUTOCAD, with the electrical design's application software SPAC and more tools to program and enable special plants.
  • An appropriate warehouse for materials supplying
  • Vehicles to transport material and crew
  • An èquipe composed of specialized technicians that are able to meet the most complicated requirements. Technical, administrative,management and commercial roles are covered by a trained staff engaged in offering a good service to the Client.


With our experience we can work in different fields:

  • CIVIL: houses, shops, surgeries
  • INDUSTRIAL: factories, purification plants, forwarders
  • SERVICE INDUSTRY: offices, motorways, public lighting
  • PUBLIC: schools, town halls, architectural properties.